A Trip to Italy


In the next few months I intend to upload a number of short travel articles published in The Weekend Australian Travel and Leisure section and longer travel pieces that I haven’t tried to adapt for publication elsewhere. I will also upload text and pictures from self-publications about group travels that were just produced for the participants.

(The following is an example of one of these accounts. I have half a dozen or more of them – about Ireland, Belgium etc. I would need to edit them again before uploading them. They are all about 12 pages long. I wonder what would be the best way of publishing them – maybe write a short description of them and then say ‘you can read the article here; the reader could click on the link if she is interested.)

A Trip to Italy

16 Sept – 4 Oct

Kath and Graeme Ward had taken a month’s lease of a house at Villa Rosi, a hamlet on a hill overlooking the village of Borla, district of Vernasca, Province of Piacenza, in the Region of Emilia-Romagna, and they invited Charlie and me to join them for part of the time. Charlie looked very excited when I told him he was included.

Getting there

It’s possible to go almost all the way from here to Piacenza by autoroute and autostrada. However, there is a lot of countryside we hadn’t seen between Espagnac and our destination, so I planned a mixture of main and regional connecting roads as far as Privas, on the eastern edge of the Ardeche, where we would stop the first night. After that we would take the fast track.

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