Recently my story ‘The Amber Bird’ appeared in the free online section of Southerly Journal.

In January 2003 I travelled with my poodle, Charlie, to a tiny village in south-west France, where we lived in the restored wing of an ancient priory. I was seeking quiet and seclusion to write a historical novel, but instead was seduced by the landscape, the changing seasons, the lFeatured imageifestyle, the villagers, their traditions and their stories. Charlie & Me in Val-Paradis is the story of our time in Val-Paradis.


Charlie & Me in Val-Paradis, Simon and Schuster Australia 2008, ISBN 978-0731813674 (print version)

Bookseller and Publisher August 2008 said: This gently-paced book is the story of Cashman’s time in the village of Espagnac-Ste-Eulalie in south-west France. The ‘Charlie’ of the title is her poodle. . . . This book provides a delightful and thoughtful window into the rural lives of these French villagers, enhanced by the charming illustrations. . . . This is a contemplative insight into rural France at a time when it is on the cusp of change. . . . It will appeal to anyone interested in people and places as well as travellers, dog lovers and Francophiles.’

French Provincial Magazine Dec/Jan 2009 said: ‘Charlie &Me in Val-Paradis skilfully captures the community aspect of provincial living where people rely on each other and their land like generations before them. When I first opened the book I wanted to meander through the French countryside, pick the little wild flowers in the warm sun of late spring and feel the land again. Charlie & Me in Val-Paradis gave me all of these things and more. (This book) will delight both lovers of dogs and rural France.’

Charlie and Me


Charlie & Me in Val-Paradis is now available as an ebook


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