A novel

I’m currently working on a mystery/romance novella set on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.

The narrative includes some contemporary events of June-July 2012: Spain’s borrowing of ten billion euros from the EU Central Bank, her win over Italy in European Cup, and the real-life theft and subsequent recovery of a medieval manuscript from the Cathedral at Santiago; as well as historical facts and events. These include the first-to-fourth-century Roman exploitation of gold in Northern Spain, the Battle of Roncesvalles, the return of warrior monks from the Crusades, the Spanish Conquistadors’ departure to South America, the 1835 confiscation and reallocation of monastery property, the miners’ strike in Asturias of 1934 and its repression by Franco, and the Eurovision Song Contest held in Madrid in March 1969.

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  1. Hi Maureen
    Your novella sounds interesting and I am looking forward to being able to read it as there seems to be an increasing focus on the Camino in my awareness. I frequently correspond with Carol (who we met in Turkey) as she has just completed the Camino pilgrimage now for the third time, my partner Doug has an urge to spend time walking it and we have seen the film about it a couple of months ago. I presume you also have walked the Camino if you are planning to set your novella there.

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